Recreational Drinking

Ah.. alcohol. I’m a fan. I like alcohol because it gets me over the hurdles of my own inhibitions, it helps me form bonds with new people, and relaxes me when I am strung out or anxious. I think everyone at one point in their life stands to benefit from the consumption of a cold one.

However it has come to my attention that drinking alcohol is nowadays a competition. With the increasing use of social networking sites an increasing amount of party photos get posted. “Look at me I have a social life!” Yes I see that.. and all it consists of is drinking. Let me break it down- getting drunk is very easy. It’s not an impressive feat worthy of praise or recognition. Everybody does it. Good people do it, bad people do it, ugly people do it, pretty people do it. Whoop-dee-freakin-do. I feel pressured to drink in social situations.. almost every time I drink with a group of people I do it because I’m expecting something cool to happen or something to be revealed to me, something big is going to happen and I want to be part of it. I always get let down. It seems to me that the only thing that ever happens is that people act like fools and/or make mistakes.

Every once in a while though, a good group of friends will get together, get drunk, and tell stories, maybe even burst into song and have a grand old time. But more times than not, someone gets behind the wheel of a car or cheats on their significant other or looses control of their bodily functions or passes out in a strangers house or punches someone. Drinking makes people stupid, which in turn makes them uglier (to me at least). I’ve watched intelligent, bright, attractive individuals be reduced to stumbling, rambling, red-faced retards.

So why do so many people drink? They’re bored! I know every time I reach for another beer it’s because I’m bored. People are boring. What ever happened to creativity and an appetite for adventure? Oh I know, those things require effort. I guess the only way I can interpret the widespread popularity of alcohol is as a direct result of a lot of people giving up on many things in life. There are productive, creative, in-shape individuals who drink, but there are a lot of people who only drink.

Ok, point of this post: stop sensationalizing alcohol. Our young people will look up to drinking as an easy route to popularity and neglect the things that will enrich their lives like education and the arts. Alcohol is not going to build the strong characters we need to get this country back on top of things. I want to see more pictures of people traveling, community service, artistic expression..people exhibiting their natural talents and flaunting their achievements. We need to inspire the next generation of leaders and enforce responsible alcohol consumption.

One thought on “Recreational Drinking

  1. I agree with you. You know how I am with alcohol. I’ve seen more bad than good come from alcohol…..actually not even good, its either bad or nothing at all hahaha. People, I think, tend to find me boring because I dont drink….but I like to do so many other things! Snowboard, guitar, piano, draw, soccer, ice skating, paintball fighting, exercising, haha watching history and discovery channel!!! come on! i’m not boring! lol. Anyway, I hate seeing nothing but people with red cups in their hands when i view photos of people on facebook….its gay.

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