I sit in the cold hard chair against the wall. I stare at the clock.
Tick tock- –
The chair is dead. The wall is dead. The clock is dead.
I stare at the clock.
Tick- –
The numbers start oozing down the clock face on straight paths. They make their way down the wall to the floor. The hands elongate and snake their way, following.  Soon several slimy, wirey appendages are slithering towards me, still anchored to the face of the clock. They creep up to my feet mounted on the floor and wound themselves around my ankles and the chair, working up my legs and body. I am bound.
Thump thump thump thump my heart is pounding.
I hear my name.
The clock has numbers and hands.
I exit.


Jude Law, David Letterman, and now, Tiger Woods. With each new cheater that makes headlines comes articles and talk shows posing the question: why do men cheat? I’ve done some research over time.. and some of the answers I have found are disturbing..

#1. Biology
In one article, a (male) psychologist and author says that men cheat because “they’ve evolved the desire to be with different women.” While I do support evolution, I do not support this as an acceptable reason for cheating. So basically, men are just zombies mindlessly moving through life via the will of the chemicals in their bodies? With the recent green movement and the issues of poverty and disease and our disappearing natural resources it should be pretty obvious to humanity that there are too many of us. Are people really still holding to the idea that procreation is necessary and ultimately our only purpose? Give me a break! Last I checked there are about 6.8 BILLION people, of which a good handful (respectively) do not even have access to drinking water. Look around fellas, living by the will of your groin is destroying the planet, good job. I think it’s safe to say that we can chill out with the sex, and start EVOLVING a bit to focus our energies on improving the quality of life for ourselves and our children. Continue reading “Cheating”

The war on terror

Ok, I try not to think of myself as a very political person. I despise the two-party system and the angry mobs of people who think they’re right. However I do want to present my reader(s) with my perspective on the war on terror.

Are you ready? I think this war is stupid. Almost 3000 people died in the attacks of 9/11. As of 10/31/2009 there have been 4345 American military casualties in Operation Iraqi Freedom. We are upside down in our human investments in homeland security as of September of 2006 (3 years!). If I was a terrorist I would be patting myself on the back right now. That single act of terrorism has cost us more lives and more money than the terrorists could ever hope for. In trying to make life for Americans safer we have managed not only to match, but to exceed the costs of the original attack.  No need to plan another attack terrorists, we got this under control. This war is embarrassing. We look stupid.

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