the modern family

this is more loosely structured than past posts.. consider it more of a free write.

So I’ve been away for a little bit, apologies. You all know how the holidays are…
Semi-related::; Something has been in the forefront of my mind lately, and that is the general expectation of what a family should be like. We all (if not most) have this image in our minds, an image that has been hammered into the back of our skulls by entertainment and books and religion, of the perfect family. You know, a man, a woman, and a couple of youngins.. a nice little house with green grass and a pooch. Let’s be honest here, that kind of setup rarely works. After witnessing two divorces (and another on the way), alcoholism and incarceration (for child molestation) in my own immediate family I’ve pretty much started to reject the consensus that marriage + kids + home ownership = success. That compounded with a growing appreciation for the environment has led me to a new perspective on “settling.” I still hold out hope that true love does exist, but the capacity in which it can be sustained remains a mystery.

Moving on..
Kids. They’re cute, funny, lovable, manipulative, greedy and disgusting. Do I want one? Yes. One day, I would love to have the opporunity to create and mold an intelligent, giving, responsible and charismatic indivdual from the semi-amorphous consciousness that is a human child. However seeing as there are nearly 7 billion people draining the planet of it’s natural resources, I am limiting my own genetic contribution to one. I think it is my responsibility, out of concern for the future of humanity to be in the negative in terms of creating new people. In my eyes, it is incredibly selfish and irresponsible to just pop out babies left and right. If you want a lot of kids, adopt. Create a better future for someone less fortunate, give someone the chance to be a contributing member of society. Loved, educated and healthy kids will bring new ideas and positive thinking to the world.

On that note, gay marriage.
Hey, these couples are barely reproducing. Let them get married and adopt. Let them spend money on a wedding and boost the economy, let them provide a loving environment for an adopted child. Nothing bad can come from gay people getting married and adopting children.

Will I ever get married? Probably. One day I will likely succumb to the guiles of a handsome and charming man. Will he be the father of my child? I dunno, I don’t have to marry someone because I have a love child with them, and I don’t have to have a child with someone because I marry them.

Now, before I end this post I would like to note that christianity encourages a rabbit-like rate of reproduction (example- the duggars) and condemns gay marriage.

Yes I am bitter and opinionated, I won’t deny that. I am not asking anyone to agree with me. I just hope that my readers understand that I am this way out of concern for the future of well, everyone. Superficially my words can seem condescending but trust me they come from a deep place of love.

One thought on “the modern family

  1. Hello Ariane. A few months ago I had a dream about you. I was outside in a place similar to where I grew up. There was nobody around me…just this old tree and myself. I don’t remember anything too specific except messages would appear on this tree and I was able to send messages back to the sender. The recipient of my messages was you, Ariane B.

    I awoke that day and immediately googled your name which is how i found this blog of yours. I very rarely remember my dreams but for some reason as I woke my mind immediately went to you. I read all the content on this blog and you appeared just as I thought you would, an intelligent and thoughtful woman, happy and healthy. So the negative thoughts that are steady within my mind held me back from making any contact that would effect you.

    So here comes another weekend, I’m happy that I’m not working but bored with the time I have available to myself. Two whole days with nothing to do leads me to checking every bookmark I have in Opera, one of which is to your blog. I don’t know where I am going with this post…trying to be as grammatically correct as you would be but I just wanted to say hello, how are you doing?

    My name is Rob, or Robby or Robert or whatever. We shared the same English class and ate lunch together at Forest Park highschool and I know you are a special woman. I hope you are happy and never think otherwise. Thoughts of you drift into my mind often and I want to know how you are doing on your journey through life.

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