I like to watch videos on, if you haven’t been on that site and you are a scientifically-minded and creative individual I suggest you give it a look. There is a talk by Richard Dawkins and also a talk by Sam Harris on how we need to abandon religion as the end-all be-all solution to life issues. This isn’t another atheist rant of mine, there are factors beyond religion that fuel the perpetuation of dicrimination and unethical practices. The bottom line of this post is that we need to stop letting things such as religion, “culture” and politics stop curbing our tolerance and fogging our moral goggles.
Past instances of religion-based or “cultural” discrimination or unethical treatment against a group or individual are too numerous to get into in one post. This is a broad and time expansive subject. I’m just going to go over some current events in an attempt to give you food for thought. Continue reading “Tolerance”


My dad is in prison. He has a very long sentence for a horrible crime (and that’s as far as I’m gonna get into that). He sends me letters and I write him back. I’ve always known him to be a great artist, scifi is his preferred subject and he can be very detailed. Here are some of his drawings he’s sent me. The easter card is the most recent thing he’s sent me. He’s been making cards for other inmates to send home.