Escapism: For your health.

If you have been reading my blog at all you know I touch on a lot of volatile subjects. Recently I’ve been trying to move to more happier and upbeat posts in an effort to not be so negative. Well, fortunately I am a person who goes through phases, and I think that my pallete has grown numb to politics. I still read news and form my own opinions, but for the moment I’ve grown tired of bitching about them. Maybe it’s because I’m happier these days and I no longer need to externalize my inner turmoils in the form of bitter cultural criticism. Whatever the case may be, I like writing, and I need to find new things to write about.
I’ve always been a fan of art and now technology has allowed me¬†limitless resources¬†for inspiration. I like working with my hands and making things, but there’s never been one “thing” that I do or make. Continue reading “Escapism: For your health.”

Dear tea baggers..

When the founding fathers wrote the constitution there were roughly 4 million in the US. Now there are 308 million. Needless to say, technology and culture has since come a looooooong way. When the environment changes adaptability is the key to survival. Quit being stubborn and ignorant, you’re killing America.