Girls girls girls

Ok, the inspiration for this post came from the movie Sucker Punch, which I refuse to see until it comes out on dvd. Based on the reviews alone I have chosen not to see the movie, not because of how bad I fear it might be, but because it was marketed as something that could empower women. Let me set the record straight: sexy women beating people up, acting as strippers and prostitutes and getting raped is not empowering! Before you roll your eyes at me please don’t assume I am some insecure woman who hides my body and is anti-sexuality. I am not a prude! I also think I am *quite* sexy thank you very much, and I do take pride in my appearance. HOWEVER, I want my appearance to be secondary to who I am as a person.
So, theres a lot of directions I can go with this, but I’m going to try not to turn it into a huge rant. By the way, I know I said I didn’t want to rant on my blog all the time, and now I haven’t posted in 3 months soooo… something is better than nothing I guess?

RAPE (bitter)
I am soooo sick of seeing heroines and lead females being raped. I know that part of the reason we feel this is ok is because it highlights the struggles women face in soceity and maybe it makes men more aware? Well to me, it just victimizes women. No matter how strong or independent a woman lead’s character is written, it seems like there is always another dick written into the plot who will rape her or beat her. This isn’t true of all movies of course, but I see it a lot in action movies, which are typically targeted at men, which makes it hurt even more. ūüė¶ It’s like these movies are telling me “if you want to be a sexy, strong and defiant¬†woman thats cool but you’re probably gonna get raped for it.” Is that what men subconsciously enjoy? Confident women being put in their place? Being reminded that they are for sex? Even when the rape is avenged, I still find myself angry that it happened in the first place. Movies are a place we are supposed to be able to escape to, how about for once we escape to a place where sexism and oppression don’t exist?

Every woman wants to feel sexy, there’s no denying that. Being sexy is fun. Let’s not act like it’s this is a bold new idea though. Yeah, for a lot of conservatives it is, but I’m not talking about them, I’m talking about mainstream America. Women have extra-marital sexual relations, we know this, and most of us agree that this does not make¬†said women¬†“whores” or “sluts.” Maybe I’m still too young, maybe I’m just ahead of things.. but I grew up after the days of¬†Marilyn Monroe, and I was just a¬†kid when Madonna was controversial. Isn’t the idea of feminine sexuality kind of..old news? Like REALLY old news? Look movies and music videos, I get it. Women can wear next to nothing and still be respected, and that’s fantastic, but I’m seriously reallly f**king sick of having mainstream media’s ideas of what feminine sexuality is shoved down my throat. We all agree that there isn’t one standard of beauty, and there isn’t one standard of sexy either. Helen Hunt in Twister was hot, Jodie Foster in Contact was hot, Ripley in Alien was hot. These women’s CHARACTERS were sexy. There should ALWAYS be more than meets the eye to consider.

AND ANOTHER THING.. (being redundant)
You’re seriosuly gonna cast a bunch of¬†skinny¬†pop tart-looking ladies and put them in sex costumes and call that empowering to women? Go f**k yourself hollywood. Real badass women come in all different shapes and sizes- like that granny who beat a purse-snatcher. Real women do awesome things everyday, but for some reason it’s only worth paying real attention to when the woman is hot by hollywood standards. It’s not such a stretch for a woman to be attractive and strong, and those kinds of characters shouldn’t outshine regular-looking strong women. There’s all kinds of ugly male heroes cast in movies, and they are all written to have women fawning over them, can we please do the same for women?!

Alright now, if I try to write anymore this post will just continue to deteriorate in structure and focus. /rage

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