Little Worlds

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be an insect? To be so teeny tiny that you can sit on a leaf? To live in a world so small that each minute is like a day? I do. Every time I see a butterfly or a dragonfly or a bee, I try to imagine myself in that little world…

I would happily come out into the sunshine each day, and seek out the colors and smells of my next meal with my keen senses.  Every now and then a breeze would carry me up or send the fragrance of a fresh blossom in my direction. I would have no comprehension of politics or money or deadlines. I would be living in the moment, oblivious to the complexity of the much larger world encompassing mine. My world would be flowers and trees, shade and sun, wet and dry.  I would not question why I seek out nectar or why, if I am butterfly, I was once a caterpillar. I would be completely at the mercy of the programming in my dna. I would be completely submissive to life itself. I would not be able to know how important my life is. I would not know that I am pollinating a citrus tree in a grove in Florida, which will bear fruit because of me, and that fruit will become a small child’s glass of orange juice in the morning before school. All I would know is that I am hungry and this orange blossom is delicious.  I could get hit by a car tomorrow while fluttering across the street, seduced by a tasty aroma, but I do not know this.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” -John Muir

To some, existence in this little world may seem pointless, but it is a part of something much bigger. The butterflies, dragonflies and bees do not know how much other lifeforms depend on them for survival. They do not need us like we need them and for that reason maybe we could all do a little to give back and preserve the world we all share.

Check out these up close and personal photos of our tiny neighbors:

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