“losing faith”

Hey hey look another post about religion. I should just give up on keeping this blog positive and upbeat. Anyhoo, moving on..

Below is a recent submission to Postsecret. There is usally at least one or two or five secrets about god each week.

postsecret: "my eating disorder disconnected me from god. i'm scared."


And every week I am annoyed by them. Not because religious people are submitting secrets to postsecret, but because of the insight into the whole christian mindset. This has nothing to do with the eating disorder referenced in the image. It has to do with this person’s supposed “loss of faith.” I’m not going to attack this person for submitting a deep and personal secret online, that would be mean. This is simply an example of a common christian style of  “losing god.”

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Ugh this place sometimes

I like living in rural America for the most part. It is like living in a time warp and that is both unique and disgusting. I get all the quirks and quaintness that comes with small town America with heaping sides of intolerance, racism, and a complete disregard for the 1st ammendment. 
This is not my first choice as far as places to live go, but i’m happy to have a job and an affordable place with my love.. But holy crap, sometimes I just want to scream.
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