Ugh this place sometimes

I like living in rural America for the most part. It is like living in a time warp and that is both unique and disgusting. I get all the quirks and quaintness that comes with small town America with heaping sides of intolerance, racism, and a complete disregard for the 1st ammendment. 
This is not my first choice as far as places to live go, but i’m happy to have a job and an affordable place with my love.. But holy crap, sometimes I just want to scream.
Like today, for instance- an old woman comes into my place of work and asks about where a specific lunch buffet is and for some reason feels the need to mention shes with blah blah church. I know it’s not a big deal  but OMGIDGAF. What am I supposed to do with this information? Does she want some special treatment? I don’t get it. Am I supposed kneel before her? Give her a hug? Kiss her hand? Congrats old lady- you’re just like every other sheltered old-timer who has come to expect some sort of reverence for being old and christian. You have my respect because you’re old and that’s it. Chances are though that I disagree completely with your politics and theology and would gladly argue your frail old ass into the ground on those matters had I met you in different circumstances.
Anyway.. In this place I feel suffocated by these kinds of people. A local high school girl told me she doesn’t think white people should date black people and that she hardly knows anyone who doesn’t go church. She’s young though, and she’s not who I should direct any anger at. It comes back to that whole time warp thing and the crap that comes with it. Is it so freaking hard to maintain the small town charm AND integrate with modern society? It’s not, and it has been done successfully in a lot of places. One thing that might help is to not shove the bible down every freaking visitors throat.

Ugh sorry for the rant but this kind of stuff literally makes my skin crawl and makes me ashamed for America.

2 thoughts on “Ugh this place sometimes

  1. If there is one thing I have learned from dealing with racist and religious people, it is not to argue with them.

    You cannot win. The (basic) assumption that they are a rational being–and will respond to logic and counterexamples–is faulty.

    The underlying problem is respect. They think that you do not respect them, and that you don’t respect their beliefs. Therefore they will not respect you.

    The only real way to convert these people is–painfully enough–to invest in the relationship. Withhold your opinions and judgments. Let the person get to know you, and once they respect you or admire you, they will be open to a little good-natured ribbing and criticism about their beliefs.

    You obviously can’t do that with people you meet at work and are unlikely to ever see again, so the best thing to do is to be polite, ignore the racism or the religious sense of entitlement, and fulfill your obligation to be helpful and useful. Just don’t bend over backwards or put up with abuse.

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