I love holidays. I love decorating for them, coming up with menus for them, taking part in the local festivities and visiting with family. There is one holiday that I struggle with however, and that is the ultimate celebration of patriotism and pride, the 4th of July.
I have many fond memories of barbeques and fireworks but as I’ve gotten older and gotten to know the ways of the world I’ve become less and less proud of my country. That combined with the hijacking of all things patriotic by soldier-worshipping, xenophobic, theocratic, conservative America has caused some irreparable damage to my own sense of patriotism.
Well, to coin a favorite bumper sticker of fox news watchers, I’ve decided it’s time for me to “Take Back America.” I have been focusing to heavily on the bad, which is really hypocritical when compared to my love for select European cultures with equally egregious histories. I think I’m going to start writing in a journal from now up until July 4th or perhaps beyond where I write about the good things about America. I already have some stuff in mind like the aid we provide to struggling populations, the hippy war protests, our changing views on gay marriage and the rise of women in the workforce, etc. I am also going to go out and buy something stars and stripey so as I work through my feelings I can come to love it and shed these negative associations. I plan to watch the fireworks again this year as I did last year with my then-fiancee. We had a wonderful time.