Jude Law, David Letterman, and now, Tiger Woods. With each new cheater that makes headlines comes articles and talk shows posing the question: why do men cheat? I’ve done some research over time.. and some of the answers I have found are disturbing..

#1. Biology
In one article, a (male) psychologist and author says that men cheat because “they’ve evolved the desire to be with different women.” While I do support evolution, I do not support this as an acceptable reason for cheating. So basically, men are just zombies mindlessly moving through life via the will of the chemicals in their bodies? With the recent green movement and the issues of poverty and disease and our disappearing natural resources it should be pretty obvious to humanity that there are too many of us. Are people really still holding to the idea that procreation is necessary and ultimately our only purpose? Give me a break! Last I checked there are about 6.8 BILLION people, of which a good handful (respectively) do not even have access to drinking water. Look around fellas, living by the will of your groin is destroying the planet, good job. I think it’s safe to say that we can chill out with the sex, and start EVOLVING a bit to focus our energies on improving the quality of life for ourselves and our children. Continue reading “Cheating”


Recreational Drinking

Ah.. alcohol. I’m a fan. I like alcohol because it gets me over the hurdles of my own inhibitions, it helps me form bonds with new people, and relaxes me when I am strung out or anxious. I think everyone at one point in their life stands to benefit from the consumption of a cold one.

However it has come to my attention that drinking alcohol is nowadays a competition. With the increasing use of social networking sites an increasing amount of party photos get posted. “Look at me I have a social life!” Yes I see that.. and all it consists of is drinking. Let me break it down- getting drunk is very easy. It’s not an impressive feat worthy of praise or recognition. Everybody does it. Good people do it, bad people do it, ugly people do it, pretty people do it. Whoop-dee-freakin-do. I feel pressured to drink in social situations.. almost every time I drink with a group of people I do it because I’m expecting something cool to happen or something to be revealed to me, something big is going to happen and I want to be part of it. I always get let down. It seems to me that the only thing that ever happens is that people act like fools and/or make mistakes. Continue reading “Recreational Drinking”

Self Image


Alexandre Cabanel's "Birth of Venus"

Today on google, for fun I decided to look up how to be writer. I started typing “how to be” and I stopped, because two of the suggested searches were “how to be anorexic, ” and “how to become anorexic.” I am but a young woman of 24, and I am lucky to have been blessed with a good metabolism. I’ve been thin all of my life. However that doesn’t translate to a positive body image my whole life.

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Pet Pig by Arnicas on Flickr

"Pet Pig" by Arnicas on Flickr

I do not eat pork.

I stopped eating pork when swine flu came about. NO, I did not think I was going to get swine flu from eating pork, as far as I’m concerned flu is flu no matter what combination of letters and numbers you assign it. But why did swine flu make me not want to eat pork? Well, I thought of how similar pigs and humans must have to be to share a virus, and when you think about it, pig corpses are widely used as stand-ins for human bodies in medical and other scientific test scenarios. Pigs are also very intelligent and emotional creatures. They aren’t always the cutest things to look at, and I’ll admit they are damn tasty, but something just doesn’t feel right about eating pork.

Pork is just as healthy as any other meat, when properly cooked it’s a good lean source of protein. But the same can be said about every kind of meat. Dog meat is a healthy staple in eastern countries, and its advocates would probably tell you it’s delicious. Why do we feel that it’s wrong to eat dog meat? Because dogs are smart, dogs are our friends, we wouldn’t raise them to eat them, the dogs would not live fulfilling lives, it’s unjust…etc. But pigs are arguably smarter than dogs, and capable of the same companionship with humans. Pet pigs are nothing new. But we still eat them? Why? Is it because they are uglier than dogs? Because their bodies limit them from doing cute tricks? Let’s face it: pigs are discriminated against.

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