Women are not allowed to enjoy food

You read the title correctly- according to every food product commercial I’ve ever seen targeting women customers, I’m supposed to feel guilty about everything I eat that does not fall under the diet or low calorie label.
I think pretty much everyone is familiar with how skinny models on the covers of magazines affect a woman’s body image but only recently did I start paying attention to commercials for food. Just this morning I saw a truvia ad. These ads always catch my attention because of their obnoxious jingles but today I was annoyed even further by the ad itself: Continue reading “Women are not allowed to enjoy food”



I was on CNN.com watching videos this morning and I watched the Showbiz tonight piece on Rihanna’s “racy” new single art. One thing that really got under my skin was that one woman had the nerve to call the photo “empowering.” Theres a certain level of sexiness I’ve come to expect from my celebrities…and then there’s just plain over the top. Rihanna doesn’t need to do this to sell a single. Everyone knows she has talent! There are a lot of pretty girls in the world, show me something I haven’t seen.

You know what’s empowering to me? A woman with brains, talent, and classic beauty. That’s sexy. Sexier than some half-nekkid pop singer. I don’t want my future daughter to look up to these images of sex and…not much else. Why don’t we give our scientists and novelists and astronauts more of a celebrity status? Women who publish research, women who write books, women who go to space; those are women to look up to. Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful and empowering singers, but I look up to them for the message they send and their impenetrable sense of self, their genuine character they express.

Rihanna was beaten by her boyfriend and didn’t have anything to say about it. Stand up for yourself woman! Tell the world that you’re not gonna take that! She doesn’t publicly speak out against anything. Aside from her vocal talents, Rihanna the individual has no voice. What’s the driving force behind the photo? Let us see what’s going on inside that head. Any celebrity can strip down and sell their image with sex. I’m sure it was very difficult for her to get whisked away to some studio, sit in hair and makeup and have professional stylists dress her and professional photographers take her picture. She’s just using the tragedy of her abuse to brand herself and sell records. That’s. not. empowering. to. me.

Self Image


Alexandre Cabanel's "Birth of Venus"

Today on google, for fun I decided to look up how to be writer. I started typing “how to be” and I stopped, because two of the suggested searches were “how to be anorexic, ” and “how to become anorexic.” I am but a young woman of 24, and I am lucky to have been blessed with a good metabolism. I’ve been thin all of my life. However that doesn’t translate to a positive body image my whole life.

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